In conjunction with the album release, Same Waves collaborated with photographer Jaseel Nambikandy on a video for the single that spawned the group’s name. He also supplied the photograph for the album cover artwork. Jaseel covered the country of India by filming first in the northern mountains of Uttarakhand, home of the highest Shiva temple in the world. From there he traveled to the coastal areas surrounding his hometown of Kerala. Just days after shooting was finished, many of the coastal video locations were ravaged by a historic monsoon that left the region under water and other areas completely destroyed. Despite logistic limitations of the shooting schedule due to the quickly approaching storm, and the subsequent difficulties in delivering the raw video which was cut in Chicago, Jaseel was able to persevere and finish his work. “The storyline is inspired by Panchabhuta, the five elements of nature.” says Jaseel, “There is a fine relation between mountains and water, which has small connections to your thoughts about water and mountains as a reality. There, transformation from one reality to another is possible.” The concept was a perfect visual accompaniment to a song that speaks of musical creation in terms of going “out to sea”, where “minds can stay” and “bodies drift back”.

Directed by Jaseel Nambikandy on Instagram (@cross_of_changes)
Edited by Chris Shegich (Odd Machine)
Actors: Anoop SL, Anjitha Prem, Bindu Singh, Rahul Mohandas, Arun Vishnu, Aswin Reji, Manu Malayil, Nebin bose and Shahad KV